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TGATool2 A tool for working with Trainsim Textures from MW Graphics (Martin Right) TGATool2 Initial attempt at a standalone program for working with the Bmp. Targa and Ace files used by Trainsim. This program does not require my usual DLLs to do the graphics coding but contains all the necessary code internally. It will let you load Bmp, Targa or a fairly wide range of Ace images and let you edit the image and alpha channel separately using any paint program (initial default - MSPaint) Save your edited images as 32 bit Targa images or Export as Ace files (using MakeAce)

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Neu als FREEWARE. TrainEdit ist ein Tool für den Microsoft Train Simulator. Mit TED können Sie Zugverbände zusammenstellen, und eine Überprüfung der Engine, Wagon, Zugverbände und anderen Dateien vornehmen.

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Shape Viewer 2.2.237 A viewer for MSTS and TRS Model files. Mostly bug fixes and a few extra keyboard controls. Uninstall any previous versions first. See readme.txt for info on changes. By Paul Gausden

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